B2X is a fork of Bitcoin through the hard fork planned to be performed in block 501451 by the developers of Segwit2X of Bitcoin. It will use X11 algorithm as Dashcoin. Now workers have one more currency to mine by using Dashcoin miners D3, DR100, etc.

Now let’s talk about how to mine on http://www.vvpool.com using miners.
Mining rig includes: Dashcoin miners, power supply, power lines and one PC to manage miners.
Preparation tools: IP location finder
IP Scanner: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1nuUBYGD
And other official batch management tools for Dashcoin miners (D3:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1o8UiM3C)
Wallet address: At present, a wallet address can be acquired by using an official full-node wallet: http://b2x-segwit.io/
2.Locate miner IP:
Connect a miner with power supply and network and start it.
Connect the miner management PC with the same network in which a miner runs (the PC and the miner have access to the same local area network by connecting the PC with the same router or branch exchange as the miner does).
There are many ways to locate a miner IP, e.g. locating it directly through a router management interface, locating it by using index tools or locating it by using miner management software, etc. Please refer to the mining tutorials for BTC, LTC or DASH in https://www.f2pool.com/help/start-mining. Here is a way with brief introduction:
How to locate an IP scanner:
Install and open “IP Scanner”. Select the network segment to scan based on the one in which the IP of this miner is located.
Click “Scan” and this will reveal all of the accessing equipment in the selected segment of the local area network and their corresponding IPs.
Connect the power supply of a miner with a patch panel and the miner will start running. Re-click “Scan” to scan all IPs in the local area network in the control computer. Find the new device in the network now, which is the miner that has just started up, and its IP will be “”.
3.Set up mining
Open your computer browser and enter the miner IP address that has just been located. Enter the background that manages miners and set up mining information in Miner Configuration/General Settings.
URL: fill in B2X’s mining address (see the figure below).
Worker: create a worker name in this format: wallet address.worker name. One worker name for one miner. Example: 1DrCpse24yz8LUgeDtgWqRqDNSZpLPaWK4.1234
Password: worker password (set up at will)
After completing the setup of relevant parameters, click “Save&Apply” at the lower right corner.
4.View miner status
After saving and applying setup contents, start mining, click “miner status” to view mining status. See the figure below.
You can see total computing power, the computing power of each computing power panel, etc.
5.Monitor miners and view income
To view B2X miner status and daily income, please visit VVPOOL’s official website.
Visit the website: http://www.vvpool.com/

Enter the B2X address set up mining in the search box in the top right corner on the page, click to view and monitor computing power curves and mining income.

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