1.Acquire wallet address
As similar to the mining of such currencies as ETH and ZEC, the first thing for BCD GPU mining is to have a BCD receiving address. There are two ways to acquire a BCD wallet:

1)Download a digital currency wallet APP and acquire a BCD wallet address. BCD wallets are supported by the following: Bitpie (http://bitpie.com/), Kcash (https://www.kcash.com/), Bitgo (https://www.bitgo.cc/), etc.
2)Log onto an exchange which supports BCD trading, click to recharge BCD and acquire a wallet address. The conditions of the exchanges which currently support BCD trading are as follows:

2.Acquire mining software
BCD uses X13 for algorithm and it is not friendly to A Card. A Card features low computing power, so it is not suitable for mining BCD. Therefore, N Card Worker Software is provided here:
https://pan.baidu.com/s/1mjVtHPY code:07mp

3.Set up parameters in mining software and start mining
After acquiring the mining software, unzip it and find the “BCD.bat” file.
Right click on the “BCD.bat” file and select “Edit”:
Open the following window and see the figure below for parameters. To set up BCD mining, you need to check a mining pool address and set up the worker’s own BCD receiving address and worker number. If there are many miners, worker numbers are for distinguishing different miners, so don’t miss that point. When making any modification, modify a corresponding character only. Do not delete any spacing or punctuation. Save it after completing modification.

Explanations for specific parameters are as follows:
ccminer is to run the mining software under this folder directory

  • o is to set up the mining pool server and its port to be linked, which can be an ip or domain name. By default, here fill in the BCD mining pool and port number (overseas partner of F2Pool): bcd.vvpool.com:5610

-u refers to mining user information. This is critically important. If you make any mistake in filling this, you may not be able to get any income. The 15DG8HmCHU2Lzc7VpEEhY15iRMCBcje5DY here is an address to be set up at the time of testing mining. Please change it into the recharge address given to you by the exchange or your own wallet address in official mining.
.1234 is a worker number and it is used for distinguishing computing power among different miners. Please fill in different numbers for different miners for the convenience of maintenance and distinguishing.

Neglect the subsequent parameters.

After completing the setup of mining parameters, save the “BCD.bat” file, double click to run it and start mining. If everything goes well with running, the following interface will appear.

4.Miner monitoring and how to view income
To view BCD miner status and daily income, please visit VVPOOL’s official website.
Visit the website: http://www.vvpool.com

Enter the BCD address set up for mining in the search box on the top right corner on the page and click to view, and you can view miner status and income.

5.How to set up auto start of a mining program at boot
Add batch processing tools in the mining software to boot startup and this enables auto start at reboot.
Set up startup batch processing files for the mining software by following the above requirements (in this case, it refers to the BCD.bat file).

Select “Create a Shortcut” and paste this shortcut to the folder at C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartUp. (The ProgramData folder is a hidden folder and you need to select “Show Hidden Folders” in “View” to view it)
Reboot your computer and the mining software can auto start at boot.

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