1. Preparatory work

(1) Hardware Preparation: SHA256 algorithm professional Asic miner (i.e. Bitcoin mining machine), machine matched power, a network cable, a computer.

(2) Download Finding IP software: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1o8UiM3C.

(3) Prepare a BCH wallet address. You can get from the exchange platform ( Poloniex, Bittrex, and so on).

2. Install the miner

(1) Connect the network cable.


(2) Connect the power, turn on the power switch, the machine starts to run.


3. Find the miner's IP

(1) Unzip the Finding IP software, double-click the file IPReporter in the folder.


(2) Click Start, and then press the IP Reporter button on the mining machine for one second.



(3) At this time the software will automatically eject the miner's IP, copy the IP to the browser.


(4) Open the browser, paste the miner's IP into the browser, click enter.

Username: root, Password: root, then click sign in.


4. Set the miner

On the Miner configuration/general settings page,

URL: BCH.vvpool.com:5500 (see the figure below).

Worker: Wallet address.number, For example,


Password: Set optionally.

When complete, click "Save&Apply" in the lower-right corner.


5. Monitor the running status of the machine on Miner Status page


6. Monitor your worker and revenue on VVPool website

Open the VVPool website: http://www.vvpool.com/, copy the BCH Wallet Address to the Address bar and click GO:

Monitor your worker and revenue on the page:

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