Bitcoin Faith (BTF:, developed by the Bitgo Team, is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain at the block height 500,000. It uses Equihash algorithm and it can use GPU for mining.

1.Acquire wallet address
As similar to the mining of such currencies as ETH and ZEC, the first thing for BTF GPU mining is to have a BTF receiving address.
Download a digital currency wallet and generate a BTF wallet address. A wallet address can be acquired through the following ways:
2.Acquire mining software
Because BTF uses the same mining algorithm as ZEC, its mining software is consistent with that of ZEC temporarily.
If you haven’t mined ZEC, you can acquire GPU through the following links:
A Card:
Original official version:
N Card:
Original official version:
minerOS miner manager: is the hashrate managing system based on Linux, with built-in 3rd party original mining software, including Claymore, ccminer, EWBF, etc. which supports both N card and A card
(It is suggested to download the original official worker software if you have any access to a website outside China)
3.Set up parameters in mining software and start mining
1)Mining using N Card
Download the software, unzip it, open the folder, find “vvpool.bat”, right click on “vvpool.bat” and select Edit:
Right click on the “vvpool.bat” file, open the following window and set up parameters as follows:
miner--server --user Wallet Address.123 --pass x --port 5710
See the figure below. Check BTF mining pool address and set up the worker’s own BTF receiving address and worker number. If there are many miners, worker numbers are for distinguishing different miners, so don’t miss that point. When making any modification, modify a corresponding character only. Do not delete any spacing or punctuation. Save it after completing modification.
Explanations for specific parameters are as follows:
miner is to run the mining software under this folder directory

  • server is to set up the mining pool server to be linked, which can be an ip or domain name. By default, here fill in the BTF mining pool (overseas partner of F2Pool)
  • port refers to a port number and it is 5710 by default here
  • user means a mining user name, i.e. a worker number. This is critically important. If you make any mistake in filling this, you may not be able to get any income. The BTF wallet address, which needs to be set up here, shall be changed into the recharge address given to you by the exchange or your own wallet address in official mining.

Besides, worker numbers are used for distinguishing computing power among different miners. Please fill in different numbers for different miners for the convenience of maintenance and distinguishing.
Neglect the subsequent parameters.

After completing the setup of mining parameters, save the “vvpool.bat” file, double click to run it and start mining.

Note: To run an “.exe” program directly, please modify the mining pool address, port number and wallet address in the “miner.cfg” file.

2)Mining using A Card
After acquiring the mining software, unzip it and find the “start.bat” file.
Double click on the file to open it and set up mining parameters as follows:
ZecMiner64.exe -zpool -zwal Wallet Address.123 -zpsw x -allpools 1
See the figure as follows. Check BTF mining pool address and port number, and set up the worker’s own BTF receiving address and worker number.
After that, save and run the “start.bat” file and start mining.

Note: To run the “.exe” program for mining, please double click to modify the “config.txt” file and set up parameters as follows:

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