I. Preparations
1 . Hardware preparations: one specialized ASIC miner with SHA256 algorithm (i.e. Bitcoin miner), one power supply matching the miner, one network cable and one computer.

2 . Download an IP location finder: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1o8UiM3C.
3 . Prepare a SBTC wallet address. This can be acquired in exchange platforms (OKEX, Binance, ZB, Huobi.pro, etc.) or through downloading wallets (Bitpiehttp://bitpie.com/, BYINGhttp://www.bying.io/, etc.).
II. Assemble the miner
1 . First, connect the network cable by plugging it into the cable interface of the miner.
2 . After that, connect power supply with the miner by plugging power lines into each power supply interface in the miner. There are 10 power lines and they shall be plugged into the control panel and computing power panel, respectively.
Power on after connecting all of these lines. The light in the miner starts to light up and the machine starts to run at this time.
III. Locate miner IP
Unzip the downloaded IP location finder and double click on the IPReporter file in the folder.
Click “Start”and then press and hold the “IP Reporter” button in the miner for one second before release.
Now the IP address of this miner will appear in the software. Copy the IP address to your browser.
Open your browser, paste the IP address found above in the address bar in your browser, press Enter, enter “root” for both user name and password in the pop-up identity verification.
IV. Set up miner background
We are now at the background that manages the miner. Set up three mining pools, respectively, in the Miner Configuration/General Settings
URL: fill in SBTC mining address sbtc.vvpool.com:5558 (see the figure below).
Worker: create a worker name. Format: wallet address. Digits, one worker name for one miner. E.g.: 1CXRJJL28DPGVZAWEAZPSWANFFFJUIVQJE.1
Password: worker password (set up at will)
After completing the setup of the three mining pools, click “Save&Apply” at the lower right corner.

V. View miner status
Now you are in the Miner Status. Refresh it for more times and you will see current miner status. Here, you can see running time, computing power and other data of a miner under default frequency. This is convenient for a worker to monitor the running of its miners.

VI. Monitor computing power and income in the official website of VVPool
Open the official website of VVPool http://www.vvpool.com/, copy the SBTC wallet address to the address box and click to view:

Enter the page for monitoring computing power and income:

Besides, please visit the official website of VVPool and view SBTC payment instructions, starting from 1 SBTC.

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